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  • Tarik T-Rex 1S Rosin Press

    Tarik T-Rex 1S Rosin Press by Tarik + Rosin was engineered for wax enthusiasts looking for full control over their concentrates with no harmful additives.

  • Micro Vaped Rosinex

    The Micro Vaped Rosinex by Micro Vaped has made it possible to make your very own solvent-free concentrates in the comfort of your home.


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  • Super Press T Handle

    Collect all that pollen dust that's been gathering in the bottom piece of your herb grinder and compress it into one neat little hash disc with this Super Herbal Pollen Press! Made of strong and sleek polished Grade 304 stainless steel, this T press is operated by simply pouring in your kief, replacing the handle and turning until it won't go any further.

  • Polished Aluminum Handheld Press

    This high quality aluminum body press brought to you by King of Vapes is durable and won’t disappoint.

  • Aerospaced CNC Press

    Condense the dust from your aromatic blends in to a convenient disc shape for easy loading into your vaporizer with an AEROSPACED quality press.

  • Space Case 5 Piece Pollen Press

    The Space Case Press is a must have tool that will transform the pollen gathered from the bottom section of your 4 piece Space Case Grinder into a pressed disk form. All you do is gather the pollen, take out one plug and replace that space in the middle with pollen.


Set Ascending Direction

6 Item(s)

A Press is a device for applying pressure to an object in order to flatten, shape it, or to extract concentrated juice or oil from it's content.  Here at King of Vapes we are constantly adding new and exciting Presses. for all of your extraction needs.