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CBD Vape Juice

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  • PharmaXtracts CBD Crystalline Cartridges

    PharmaXtracts laboratory tested, pure, crystalline CBD is extracted from all-natural hemp using their exclusive, in-house process.

  • PharmaXTracts CBD Disposable Vape Pen

    PharmaXtracts CBD Disposable Vape Pen bring the pinnacle of potency and flavor to the CBD world.  

  • Strawcolate Cream CBD Vape Juice

    Independent Vapor Company presents Strawcolate Cream, a great tasting blend of white chocolate covered strawberries and cream infused with CBD.

  • Hempzilla CBD Vape Juice

    Hempzilla proudly introduces their line of all-natural, great tasting CBD Vape Juices.

  • Fresh Leaf CBD Liquid

    This Fresh Leaf product is infused with an astonishing 99.9% pure CBD isolate at 600mg of potency and can be used as an e-juice additive or for sublingual dosing.


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5 Item(s)