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  • Herbalizer SqueezeValve Balloons

    The Herbalizer’s Squeeze Valve balloon system is simplicity defined.  


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  • Herbalizer CoolGrips

    This is a set of replacement silicone CoolGrips for the Herbalizer bowl. Keep those fingers cool and grip-pin around the hot chamber. Bowl not included.


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  • Herbalizer Aromapads

    Designed to allow maximum airflow, these stainless steel aroma-pads designed specifically for the Herbalizer desktop vaporizer allow you to vaporize wax concentrates and essential oils with your Herbie.

  • Herbalizer Magnetic Bowl

    This is a replacement magnetic bowl for the Herbalizer tabletop vaporizer with stainless steel interior, and CoolGrips silicon exterior. It magically snaps into place and is perfectly sized to extract the most from your herbs.


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  • Herbalizer Whip System

    This is a 3ft medical-grade silicone whip system that includes end-pieces. It's designed for fit and flexibility, to stow perfectly within the Herbalizer Vaporizer. Hot vapor in, cool vapor out.


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  • Herbalizer Screens

    This 6-pack of stainless steel bowl screens were designed for maximum airflow and particulate filtering, and easily pop in and out of the Herbalizer Magnetic Bowl. 


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  • Herbalizer Steamroller

    Designed to provide cleaner, smoother, tastier and more intense direct draws, this hand-blown glass steamroller is manufactured by Herbalizer specifically for the Herbie.

  • Herbalizer Stash Box

    The perfect companion for your Herbalizer Vaporizer. This airtight stash box will keep your herbs safe and fresh, and it is designed to fit snugly and discreetly inside the mezzanine. 


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  • Herbalizer Vaporizer

    The Herbalizer lets you experience the benefits of essential oils and herbal remedies in classic aromatherapy or vapor-therapy modes. Some call it a split personality, we call it versatility.


Set Ascending Direction

9 Item(s)